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Quality Product, Quality Service

Hygrove Aggregates, part of the Hygrove Group of companies, produces prime aggregates from our quarry, Cwm Nant Lleici, near Swansea. The product is mainly for use on motorways and highways.


The quarry is one of only a handful in the United Kingdom capable of supplying High Specification Aggregate, a vital component for road surfacing where the highest levels of skid resistance is needed.



We produce High PSV (Polished Stone Value) aggregates in a variety of single sizes and specifications for road construction and maintenance projects.


Typical specifications include:

6 mm; 10 mm; 14 mm;

20 mm (for pre-coated chipping purposes);

Crushed Rock Fines (CRF)/Dust


Our aggregates regularly average 70 PSV, the highest available in the UK.

Product is available for both delivery and collection.  For sales enquiries, please contact our Sales Team today.


Copies of our certifications are available on request, including:


  • UKCA Mark certificate: BS EN 13043:2002 Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas

  • Aggregates testing certificates

  • Grading certificates


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We operate as a compact, dedicated and well integrated team offering customers solutions and advice wherever we can. We aim to provide a quality service, always.

Contact Us


Cwm Nant Lleici Quarry

Gellyfowy Rd, Ynysmeudwy, Pontardawe, Swansea SA8 4TU


01792 31693

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Quarrying has been an on-going activity at Cwm Nant Lleici for over a century.

Our shareholders, Huw Francis and Robert Sullivan, originally purchased the Cwm Nant Lleici site and its surrounding farmland (a combined area of circa 100 acres) around 1989 for the initial purpose of producing dimension stone used in the construction industry.


Following acquisition, a series of tests confirmed the stone suitable for use in road wearing applications.


Focus switched accordingly to producing high specification aggregates. Given the quality and scarcity of the product, it was not long before the move attracted the attention of a number of national and international quarrying companies.


In 1996, an agreement was reached to sell Cwm Nant Lleici site to Camas Aggregates (which subsequently became Aggregate Industries, part of Holcim Group). However, Huw and Robert retained an option to buy-back Cwm Nant Lleici after 25 years.

Aggregate Industries subsequently operated Cwm Nant Lleici until Huw and Robert exercised their Buy-Back option in 2020. Production at Cwm Nant Lleici ceased in 2021 and Huw and Robert completed their re-purchase of the quarry in October 2022 via their new company, Hygrove Aggregates Limited (“Hygrove Aggregates”).

Cwm Nant Lleici has supplied aggregates for use on all major motorways throughout the United Kingdom in addition to several airport runways (including Heathrow and Bristol) and also to motorsport racetracks such as Donnington Park where high PSV surfaces are vital.

The aggregate deposit at Cwm Nant Lleici is classified as a National Resource which must be protected and acknowledged as such by Planning Inspectors, Planning Authorities and Highway Engineers throughout the UK.


  Taking our stewardship seriously  


Hygrove Aggregates have owned and managed the surrounding acreage of Cwm Nant Lleici quarry for over 30 years. We take our environmental stewardship very seriously.

We've made sure to organise a full environmental/ecological assessment of the site and surrounding farmland assisted by the principal local planning authority’s recommended ecologist. This is intended produce an assessment of how best to maintain and develop the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, mammals, birdlife and reptiles present on Cwm Nant Lleici farm.


The habitats range from traditional hay meadows to woodlands and wetlands.

All environmental monitoring and management obligations are carried out to the highest of standards and diligence.

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